Mental Health Awareness Week - Reach Out & Talk

This week is Mental health awareness week so If the the brutal stock market has left your mental health batteries depleted, my DM’s are open - talking to someone really does help. It’s okay not to be okay.

If not me then try some of these or reach out to a friend or loved one.

If you’re mental health is fine then take this week as an opportunity to check on your friends, a family member or colleague. Let’s look out for each other.



The stock market was just trying to help people…

seriously though, im not one for these x thing weeks, but I do have something ill share. It is not always obvious that we’re suffering from some mental health issue, they can creep up on you like a slow burn and you don’t even realise there’s anything wrong with you. During the pandemic when we were all locked down this happened to me, the isolation was slowly eating away at my brain so to speak and it wasn’t until after the lockdown had ended that I found out just how bad it was. I was pretty down, really unhappy, probably some form of mild depression (never went to the doctor so I don’t want to say I had depression), and it was affecting me in a lot of areas, but I never noticed at the time.

So you may not realise that you’re starting to suffer, or others you know may not notice they’re starting to suffer. So its always a good idea to make sure your ok, or check in with people if maybe you feel they’re not quite themselves.