Money not transferring into FT account?

Money has been taken out of my bank account, but has not transferred into my Freetrade account. I made the transfer yesterday at around 18:00, it is now 15:30 the following day?


Your best bet is to contact support in the app.

Anecdotally, my transfer yesterday morning was done in a bout 30 minutes. I initiated it at 9:21 and it was in around 9:50. I was a tad bit surprised as I expected it to take a hour or so but impressed.

Okay thanks.

Did you use a different bank account than the one you linked to your account?

No I didn’t.

Did you copy the reference number exactly?

Is your account being upgraded?

Thanks for the responses. I contacted support within the app, and it was because I didn’t add the unique reference number. The problem is, I don’t get a unique reference number when I top up, so I’m not sure what’s going on with that.


Do you know how to find it? If not, I’m happy to give you a step by step guide


Sure, thank you.

Hold on, this may take a while

For Bank Transfers:

Step 1: Login to the Freetrade app

Step 2: Tap the “Account” button (bottom right)

Step 3: Tap “Top Up”

Step 4: Tap “Bank Transfer”

Step 5: Read till the end and then tap “Continue”

Step 6: Copy your “Unique Basic Account Reference”. To copy it tap the button on the right hand side. Read Step 9 before you continue.

Step 7: Tap “Done”

(The following is based on Lloyds mobile app)

Step 8: Login into your online/mobile banking account

Step 9: Set up a payment using the following data:

  Sort code: insert Freetrade's sort code
  Account number: insert Freetrade's account number
  Payee name: insert FREETRADE

Tap “Continue”;

Insert amount;

Ref: Insert your “Unique Basic Account Reference” here. This is what guarantees your money goes to where it belongs: your account.

Tap “continue”

Hope this helps

For Apple/Google Pay

Step 1: Please ask someone else. I’m yet to use it so I wouldn’t know how to go about it.



Thanks. My issue is I get no unique reference number. It just gives the Freetrade bank details and that’s it. Guess I’ll just have to see what they say on Monday.

So in the page

“Bank transfer details”

You can see:


Freetrade sort code

Freetrade account number

But not


Freetrade sort code

Freetrade account number

Unique basic account reference

That’s odd.

And in that case, I’m sorry I can’t help. Unfortunately, you’re right

@Cuulinical Have you tried the in-app chat?

F.A.Q.s should be pinned in every topic @Viktor.

Yeah I have, but I did it on Friday just before the end of the working day so things should hopefully be resolved on Monday.

@Cuulinical any luck today? Some customer ops team members should be on the forum.