Move the free share to my ISA


I got a referral so I will be inviting a friend and getting a free share. However, that share cannot go into my ISA.

  1. I don’t have a non-ISA account. Do I have to create one specifically for that?
  2. Can I move that share from the general investing account to my ISA? I am not really interested in keeping two accounts open.

I imagine the only way would be to sell the share then transfer the cash

  1. It automatically puts it into a GIA (general investment account) - no need to create anything. You can simply toggle between the 2 accounts

  2. You’d have to sell it and transfer the cash

It’s up to you, but personally I don’t have an issue with having two accounts (it’s still one account really). Also, I kind of like having my portfolio of free shares and see it grow. There’s some shares I never heard of and never would have bought, so it’s fun to track them and see how they are doing. It was free money after all!


How do you recommend/share with a friend to get a free share?

Pop your email in here

if your eligible for a free share link, you’ll get an email from FT


Thank you !

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