My Shares and money disappeared

I have no activity in my account and the balance is zero even thought I have just opened the account, topped up £300 and got Ftse100 shares… now I have nothing!

Tried logging in on different devices, restarted the phone, uninstalled the app, etc… but nothing works!

Bear in mind if you have recently just done this today, the UK markets isn’t open until tomorrow morning.

If you set an order outside of the market opening it will be allocated as reserved. That order will then be carried out when the market opens tomorrow morning.

If you go to the account tab at the bottom of the app, do you see these funds as reserved cash?

(edited: for clarity)


You should be able to see your order on the portfolios tab page, although you might need to scroll down a little bit. There will be a heading Queued orders. If you select that, you will be able see your order(s) waiting to be executed. - you can still cancel it at this stage if you decide you want to

One thing to be aware of is if you set orders outside of market opening times, it will execute at a determined time which I think is between 9:00am and 9:30am for the UK market and will buy the stock at that price at the time. If you set an order during market opening times, it will attempt to buy it at that time. This may be something to consider as you will have more control over the price yourself.


Just realised I switched to GIA on the portfolio page, that’s why it’s all blank…

Everything is there on the ISA section.


That happens as well! :sweat_smile:

Eitherway good that everything is all alright!


Glad you’ve found it :+1: