New feature: Android Themed Icon support

Hi everyone :wave:,

A while back Google introduced Themed Icons with Android 12, and with Android 13 they have finally made them available for third party apps.

As of our latest app update you will be able to make your Freetrade app match your device’s theme.

We’re pleased to add a small feature we hope Android users will love.

If you are not sure how to use this new feature, 9 to 5 Google wrote a great article explaining what Themed Icons are and how to enable them on your device if they support it.

We also didn’t want to take away your ability to show off your custom icons so we made sure that if you are using an Investor or Plus icon those will show regardless of Themed icons being on.

If you are using one of our custom icons but want your Freetrade app to match your other apps then you can always switch back to the default icon by going into your Profile. tapping “Customise your app icon” and setting it back to the “Default” option.

Got the update yet? Share your home screen below :point_down:

P.S. We know that some new features arrive on iOS first, but here’s our very own Slack reaction emoji for Android to prove that we love you too.


Are we getting a new Christmas logo agin this year @pedrom

No plans just yet but I don’t see why not bring it back

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