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I am about to delete the app & give up. When I link a bank account to top up, my bank sends a code, I go back to the app only to find its gone back a stage and is asking me how I want to top up, bank link or Apple Pay. Going round in circles, Never get to the bit where I actually can enter the code. So I set up Apple Pay, link it successfully to my bank. On app I click on pay with Apple Pay, & it goes to my entered bank card & instructs me to hold the phone to the card reader! Seems like I have entered my bank details a dozen times & still cannot pay.

Could try keeping Freetrade app open on enter code screen in multitasking if phone supports it?

Thanks, I didn’t close the page but when I went back to it it had moved back a step, so I needed to get another code , but same thing happened before I had chance to enter it

The payment verification that banks use usually have an option to use an alternative method like sending a code via sms which won’t require you to change apps.

It’s certainly a bug in freetrades app as they should be well aware of the oddities of payment verification and should be handing it a bit better ( @sampoullain )

If you can’t get it working there is the option to do a manual bank transfer. scroll to the bottom of the list of banks. It will show you the sort code and account to transfer to and a reference number. Make sure you put the ref number in so it can match the payment to your account.

Dont give up easily…once you cross this step , you are in for Alibabas cave of wonders :rofl:
I complained a few days back when the systems did not work and the helpdesk guys were wonderful in rolling out an update,
You have to be a bit patient with resolving new problems not seen by anyone before.
I had to send them a recording of the problem by borrowing my partners’s phone and recording the video and email it to them…

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Thanks I tried this & it worked. Yay !


Thanks finally sorted it by manually adding bank details. I would have preferred Apple Pay, but it didn’t work.

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Thanks did that & it worked

Apple Pay has a lifetime limit of £250 so it’s better to have your bank account linked for future transfers.


Thanks I have Apple Pay set up, but on the Freetrade app I can’t get rid of the ‘set up Apple pay’ option, which then asks me to enter my card details, and then gets as far as ‘this card is already in your wallet’ and no further. I go back to the app again, select pay by Apple & we start the whole thing again. Set up Apple Pay …… etc.

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