Top up problems

I’ve been using my Freetrade account for a few weeks now. But as of yesterday am unable to top up from my linked nationwide bank account. I had previously done several successful top ups and a couple of withdrawals. There are sufficient funds in my bank account but am being rejected once going to the Nationwide page. Contacted Nationwide and they have stated there is no reason it should not work from their end.
I have contacted the Freetrade help desk but am waiting a response which we know may take a while !!!
Any ideas?

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Do you make it to the Nationwide app, then? What error message are you getting?

Yes, making it to the nationwide app
Then: “Sorry - Something seems to have gone wrong”

Ive also been having this problem after making one top up

I had this error the other day but when I tried again it worked. Never worked out why but it seemed to be linked to the card reader not being used or something as the next time I needed to use that and it worked :+1:

Yes, I wonder if you’re hitting the account limits or something. I wasn’t aware Nationwide needed a card reader (I do have an account with them but don’t recall receiving one tbh!) but maybe this is it?

It is not necessary to use a card reader with \Nationwide, also no issue with limits. I have spoken to Nationwide who verified that there is not a problem from their side. Have tried several times over the last 24 hours to top up (and varying amounts). Was thinking of deleting and re-installing the FreeTrade app. Not sure if this will help at all though, or just mess things up further ??

I made a top up today and despite instant payments being here I’m still waiting on the funds to transfer. :man_shrugging:

Yes, this is extremely annoying. FreeTrade recently posted an in-app note about it.

I also can’t top up with Apple Pay as they limit this to £250. I hope FreeTrade resolves it quickly as I need to top up my account.

Same here. I’ve maxed out my Apple Pay. Relatively new to this app and have been pleased so far. But now considering using a different platform. Ridiculous that a fundamental of being able to transfer money in /out can be broken :rage:

I got a message from FT about nationwide and they said there are some technical issues but apple or google pay will work :+1:

I think you can send the money direct from your bank. All funding through the freetrade app does is try and make the process easier. The key is making sure that you add the correct reference which links it to your freetrade account.
I don’t use nationwide but with my bank freetrade is now listed as an existing payee (done automatically from using the freetrade transfer option previously). Maybe check your nationwide account to see if it’s already listed for you.

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Admins… Any update on this? Has the problem been resolved as I wish to add funds to my account and I use nationwide as my bank.

I topped up instantly this morning with Nationwide so it is working :+1:


Mine is now working as of this morning also


Thanks guys :+1:

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Thanks for the quick fix on this FreeTrade team!

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