No free share from referral


I’ve contacted your team via the app chat twice for this but never got a reply in 7 days.

I referred a friend and got the free share queued straight away. But when I joined via a referral over 2 weeks ago, I still haven’t got my share from that.

Different issue for me

I got mine but it’s in the general account and I only use ISA

it won’t let me sell the share without first depositing cash into the general account, which I’ve no desire or intention to do

Well, that’s just how it is. It cannot be put in your ISA because of tax rules.

Yeah I know. I didn’t have an issue with that.

Issue was that I only use the ISA, but I can’t actually sell the share unless I deposit cash into the general fund, which I have no reason to do as an ISA user.

What have the support in the app said?

Is there a minimum deposit amount? Just deposit £1 if not, sell your share then ask in the chat for them to move the funds across to the ISA once it settles.

I feel like the answer is obvious? Leave it there?

Sorry Eden, you think the obvious answer is just to leave it in an account as an unrealised gain, forever?

You stated you don’t want to sell it so yes that would be your option. The only other option that would allow the sale you’ve decided against.

@Eden I want to sell the share. The entire point of my post is that I want to sell the share and can’t. I’m not sure at what point you think I “decided against” a sale…

Can’t you deposit 1 quid, sell share and withdraw the 1 quid plus share :thinking:

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To sell the share the total value of the assets held must be at least £2. Add £2 and then sell it. Honestly, this conversation has probably cost more than the value of the share :smile:


These days with bank transfer in app that seems to be the quickest option. Unless app support say something else.