Referral hasnt topped up

Anything i can do? The person that used my ref code hasnt topped up their account so im stuck in limbo in trying to get a free share. Anything i can do?

If you know who used your referral, you can ask them to to up.

Otherwise, we are happy to issue you new Free Shares invites. Please ping us on in-app chat! :+1:

Try and make sure the referred folk understand the concept and only provide the link when they have the ability to top up.
Tempting to just splash the link around but it’s about maximising the quality of those referred so they actively get stuck in.


just to add to this i had a freeshare in queued orders from a link i sent to someone but i never got the share it just gone

i also had a buy order in queued mode at same time which took my “available to invest” amount to under £1.00 is this the reason i failed to get the freeshare that was already queued or can this happen for other reasons ?

If you have an ISA as your main account remember to check your Basic account as that’s where the Free Share is revealed.

If you still don’t see this, please do reach out to us on in-app chat and we’ll take a look into this.