Open offer shares not in purchase list

I had an open offer for shares in one of my holdings which I accepted as I thought the price was good. Now I hold 4 extra shares but the transaction doesn’t show up anywhere.

Anyone know if this is expected behaviour?

It would be nice if this transaction showed up under purchases or at least in the activity feed

Hi Sim,

Sometimes it takes awhile to appear in the app as it needs to be settled. This is called T+3

Thanks for the reply @Jonny

My issue is more that this transaction happened on the 23rd of March and it still isn’t showing. It also doesn’t come up in my activity feed or anywhere else. The only clue I have that this transaction even happened is an email with a rounded share price and an in app message saying “your shares have been added to your account”.

I’m assuming that it’s like dividends at the moment and they don’t show anywhere but it would make me feel a little easier if i could see the contract note somewhere.

Ah I didn’t know it was from the 23rd March, probably best contacting support within the app to get them to investigate


I think I will ask.

Thanks for the reply :+1:

This happened to me a couple of time, support sorted it both times very quickly.


Agreed with the other comments on here suggesting in app support. I had the same issue a couple times before. They said it was just my activity feed out of sync. They forced a refreshed and it pulled everything in :slight_smile:

Cl, I’ve messaged support so will see what they say.

Am I right in thinking dividend payments don’t show up anywhere though?

As of yet, no not really. You get a message in the app from a member saying that you’ve received a dividend and at what rate per share.

But they do not show in your activity feed right now. This is in development and should hopefully be released within the next few months. You can check their open roadmap HERE


Quick update

Corporate actions are like dividends at the moment and won’t show up anywhere in the app.

Support can send a spreadsheet with all movements though so all is good :grin:

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