Out of date pricing data in the app

(Steve Sharrott) #1

Been in touch with support and they’re aware of this issue, but intrigued nobody else has posted about it. App hasn’t updated data all day for me - anyone else?

(Vladislav Kozub) #2

Not the app but instant orders. There was an in-app message about 4 hours ago about it and now it is resolved. Literally 2 minutes ago :slight_smile:

(Steve Sharrott) #4

Thanks, Vlad. Waited all morning to post, then gets sorted as soon as I do!

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Ha! That was perfect timing, it was fixed a few minutes ago. I’m about to send out a notification to the users who were affected, in the app.

(Steve Sharrott) #6

So, were we not all affected by this?

(Alex Sherwood) #7

The pricing was out of date for every user, I meant the users who reported this issue there.

(Steve Sharrott) #8

I’m not convinced it is sorted 100% Two of my investments have no movement, pretty sure they’re both up.

(Emma) #9

Mine are like that but they’re slowly correcting. A couple with no movement 2 minutes ago are now showing the change

(Steve Sharrott) #10

That’s encouraging.

(Donald Philp) #11

Love the speed of the fixes. Keep it up!