Please help, freetrade

Hi, can I speak to someone who works for freetrade please? I had emailed about 3 weeks ago and had no reply… I get that they are ‘swamped’ so thought it might be an idea to try this route instead.

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Hi Joseph,

Sorry for the delay, we’re super busy right now after a surge in new customers, but are making good progress in catching up.

We can’t access your customer information here, so could you please send us an email at, and we’ll check it out?

Could you please send us an email at, and we’ll get you through to someone.

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I have just sent an email again, thank you.

Hey @j07

Were you able to get this issue solved? I am in a similar situation and I haven’t yet had a resolution.

hi @Kay

Unfortunately not… no reply… nada

Really sorry folks. I’ve been investing here since the start and it’s such a great app. It’s bewildering as I have so many friends and family sign up and invest with no problems.

With thousands of sign ups a day the team have been caught out by the surge in demand and its frustrating for everyone. I promise this will be resolved.

Look forward to seeing you around the forum.

Another urgent case @Gemhappe


Joseph, I shared your question internally. Someone will reach out when they are physically available. Please bear with us a bit more.


Thank you


Hey Joseph :wave:

Dropping you a DM now.


…and still I have received no help…

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