Private mode: Hide £ value of portfolio (and personal info?)

A feature that lets you hide the nominal monetary value of your portfolio. For when you want to display your portfolio, but just don’t feel comfortable showing other people(or yourself!) How much money you do or don’t have.

E.g. from this(left)… to this(right ):

And this could include hiding sensitive information
E.g. from this (left) to this (right):slight_smile:

please excuse my dodgy editing haha

P.S. I’m sure there’s a catchier name than ‘private mode’ out there somewhere… Stealth mode? :smile:

Better would be to hide share numbers too and instead only show what you’re invested and the portfolio % it makes up


Oh good spot, absolutely, thank you! I forgot to do this is all, but I meant to. Ill edit the post to reflect this.

I mean this feature as a way of removing any clue that could suggest the nominal value of a given users account. So that includes cash In the account tab, dividends in the activity tab, etc. The photo edit is just a sloppy proof of concept.

The way of the Ninja


“Naruto mode” :joy::joy:

Very dark mode?


On a similar note, I don’t know if it is just my phone (Android) or is like this for everyone, when I reduce the app then I check the apps running to open it again (not sure if I explained clearly enough XD) it is still visible the last page open that often is my portfolio.
I think it might be better have something like a pink page with Freetrade and the logo.

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I think this is a great idea especially to help the FT expansion - I was thinking it be great to show off the app to friends so that they can consider trying it themselves (along with that free share incentive!) but that I’d be reluctant to do so if I’m displaying a lot of personal financial information to people

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It’s a blank purple/dark pink page on iOS.

On a serious note
Private mode
Says it all. It’s hard to get any better than that

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Thanks, maybe is just my phone. I will ask in chat.

Actually had to double check if you could buy FreeTrade shares there
Got excited for a second :upside_down_face:

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Would be great to have this, different apps have different ways of applying this:
Delta (crypto tracker) switches the nominal amounts to % holdings, Emma (personal finance tracker) scrambles the numbers.
Completely hiding it might be too much because you can’t see every bit of functionality

Cool @gmullebr
Nominal (price to market)
Percentage (weight in the portfolio)
I like this way

Maybe the feature could hide your sensitive information (full name, date of birth, address) in the profile section (top right corner in portfolio tab) too? Will add it in original post if it seems like a good idea to everyone.

I can’t help but feel a catchy name would create valuable IP, so imma push for one.

Ghost mode? ‘Browser history’ mode? :joy:



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I love this idea

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Thanks, me too! What started out as a shower thought became ‘wait, that would be awesome’. Really hoping it becomes implemented into the roadmap at some point - just hope it gets enough votes/staff attention now, I suppose ><

As @Kezberg mentioned earlier, it could drive growth through word of mouth, too.

Great idea!

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Thanks :blush: