Queued Trades

Hi all,

Sorry for the noob question. If I was looking to buy US stock now (ie of out trading hours) and the trade is queued till 3PM.

Is the trade not confirmed till then and any changes that in price therefore effect it.

Instead I could simply make the trade myself at 14.30?

Thanks and sorry again

I’ve a small thread on the terms and executing policy Seriously, Read the Execution Policy and the T&Cs

The execution policy explains the differences in orders and how orders will be executed Order Execution policy

In this case a trade outside of trading hours gets places as a basic trade, all basic trades get executed at 3pm.

Your right if you want to make a trade tomorrow on open then you can make an instant trade at that time (or a limit order under plus if you want a specific price and are busy).


Thats brillant thanks!