Reshuffling Stocks. Queuing buying/selling, same day trading

(Theo Lloyd-Jones) #1

Hi Guys,

Super basic question here.

Planning on reshuffling some stocks. If I have stocks queued to sell and I’m wanting to buy new ones with the funds from the sale rather than a deposit will this have to happen over two days? (Via the basic order trading)

Basically if I sell stocks at 4 o clock will I have time to buy stocks through the basic trading the same day, or will I have to wait for the following day?

Sorry if this question is poorly worded or a bit obvious.



You could definitely even after 4pm until 9pm for the US market via instant trade (£1 fee).

(Emma) #3

Using basic orders only it would have to be over 2 days, presuming the sales all go through on the first day (sometimes nobody wants to buy them). But you could pay the £1 to sell instantly and then basic buy at 4pm if you don’t want to wait


@Rat_au_van thanks I missed that out! instant sell (£1) …


hello @tlloydjones welcome!