Quick dividend question

I’m new to trading and I am trying to fill my portfolio with dividend paying shares. Using Freetrade what happens when I’m paid a dividend? Does it go into my wallet or is it applied in added shares?.

Sorry for the question but I don’t have any idea

Any dividend paid will show in the ‘wallet,’ someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but it should be included under withdrawable cash.

If you are investing in ETF’s, note that some are accumulating - they reinvest the dividend back into the fund, while some distribute it as a dividend.


Thanks for the answer

It’s also worth familiarising yourself with the different dates that come up with dividends if you’re not already up to speed.

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Appreciate the help, I’ll take a read now


Got my first dividend today from Vodafone, quick question does it show up as profit or just account money as in what it would look like if I had deposited?

It shows up as profit in the overall account but is deposited in the account as if it’s a cash deposit.

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Thank you