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Feedback about this topic: Share your referral links here 🔗

If you’re having an issue using a link / referral code, please send the person whose link / code isn’t working a message.

If you’d me to add a post for another company so that you can share a referral link, please send Sam (@sampoullain) a DM.

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@alex.s bit unrelated to this thread but the Referral Wiki only allows a max of 10 users to be tagged in a post so no more people can add to the Freetrade Free Share Referral Wiki


Thanks for the heads up, I’ve increased the limit to 50, let’s see if we hit that :sweat_smile:


Referal links don’t seem to work after 6 links on bulb?

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Can we add a section for Assetz Capital?

“At Assetz Capital we believe in fairer growth for all and as one of our valued investors you can now earn £75 by recommending your friends & family when they invest £1000+, what’s more they’ll get a £50 reward after 12 months just for investing with us! Subject to T&Cs.”

Admittedly they don’t get much until after 12 months, but anyway…

Is it possible to update who is best to DM now to add a new link?

DM @sampoullain please. Thanks!

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This is fixed now, thanks!

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Absolutely. Please DM @sampoullain with your link, and we’ll create a new section for it. Let’s see if it will grow. :mushroom:

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Coconut referral is now £20 each just for opening an account so it’d be great if it could be added to the thread. :+1:

Banking and accounting, in a nutshell.The current account that takes care of your accounting and tax. Designed for freelancers, self-employed people and small business owners.

I’ve found it very useful for separating and recording the expenses for my furnished holiday let side business.

We’ll check it out, thanks.

I have a few to add to the main referrals thread, stay tuned! :arrows_counterclockwise:


@sampoullain, would you be able to look at adding TransferWise and Azimo please? I travel quite a lot and they are really helpful for reducing fees when converting and transferring money abroad. Much cheaper than Western Union!

Hey! Could you kindly add my referral link to the topic of FreeTrade referral links as it seems to be locked?

Highly appreciate it :slight_smile: