Refusal of refund

I’ve just told support I want to refuse my Plus refund so they can buy something for the office or start a kitty for a night out or buy lunch or whatever they want to do with it.

I had issues with GME prices not being updated prior to the huge surge yesterday, which was due to unchecked growth in activity which was their fault, however that said I support the company and I don’t feel that the FX restrictions were down to them.

It must be a stressful time, a small gesture goes a long way. That said, a single tenner isn’t much so if you feel the same way I do about it I’d encourage you to consider doing the same.


Let’s start a bandwagon! If you refund me my FT+ for January I’ll spend twice that sending a muffin basket to your empty office!
Seriously - keep my FT+ subscription.


I’m not sure they’ll be able to do that, but you could give it to charity?


What’s the ticker for muffin baskets?

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I’ll start a SPAC £MUFF It’ll make $GME look alike child’s play!

One half of the the investors - “because muffins are great, I see real value in the muffin marketplace, I’d like to follow this acquisition in the fast baked goods field”

The other 1/2 - Muff, snigger snigger

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They’ve already said they’re refunding your money, now stop being a troll and go back to HL or T212.

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It’s harder to engineer an optional refund. It will increase the load on customer ops. Let them give you your sub back

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If people are messaging asking for this it’s going to put even more pressure on the support team. It’s also probably more trouble than it’s worth for the sake of £10 for them.

It’s a great gesture - but maybe wait until more normal times and collectively we can make one?


Agree. Get your £10 and do something good with it.

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Buy and sell some US shares - maybe not on Monday - and they’ll make it via FX

Good point, although mine was more something for the staff. Fortunately they’ve made an awful lot more than a tenner off of me in FX commission

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Yes, all the staff seem to be super helpful and friendly, but…

I bought Plus and I don’t really see what I’m getting for £7 (after removing ISA fees).

Yes, there’s the opportunity to choose from a wider selection of stocks, but if this wider selection is not needed, or if you’ve already taken a long-term position in one of these, there generally is no point.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it, FT is SO far behind some of its competitors in terms of offering. I and many others have, for months, been asking for even the most basic of features offered by competitors - even if only for Plus. And, as we’ve had no updates, it feels like there has been zero progress towards these things.

Amazing idea re the donation but I’m going to donate that £10 to my local food bank.

I’m not sure what you’ve been asking for, but im also not sure what you mean by no updates? there’s been quite a few. And for upcoming features i know there working on reports, which is going to be great.

good option

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Could always save the tenner and put it into the next crowdfunding round? That way it gets back to Freetrade and you bag yourself some extra equity to boot :wink:

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Limit orders and triggered orders are definitely something I’m using a lot with Plus. Also, don’t forget the 3% interest :money_mouth_face:

For me it’s enough to make it worth it. Although of course I would not mind if they release more Plus features in the next few months.

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