[Request] BUZZ (non UCITS)

This could be a nice one to hop aboard some rockets from time to time…

Would love it to be added please?

Currently they use this:
VanEck Vectors Social Sentiment ETF

Unfortunately US ETFs aren’t available in the UK at the moment so it can’t be added. You’d have to find a UK equivalent or hope for some post brexit rule changes. VanEck have quite a few UCITS ETFs (UK available) so they also might create one.

Lol would help if I read further than the first paragraph…


I just saw a similar premium service advertised on reddit, scanning social media for meme stocks. Seems scary if algorithms tell retail to focus on what retail is already focusing on, there’s going to be even more meme stocks going forward.

Basically as soon as @Rollingskies figures out how to make the Baggers ETF we can have that instead.:wink:

I would like to see this stock on Freetrade. It will track 75 of the most favourably mentioned companies on the internet. They will be available to retail from the 5th or 8th of March 2021.



Getting into buzz stock is easy, it’s getting out with a return that’s tough and it’s even more tough for funds that tend to hold for much longer periods than your average “buy buy buy, all aboard the crazy bus heading for the moon, why is it all red, crayon eater”.

Doubt it will be available @mrhatti - it’s a US-domiciled etf so probably doesn’t have a KIID. If so, it will not be available to UK investors.

You might enjoy the Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2021 thread - social buzz stocks as reckoned by this community.

I get your point, I still would like to have a small percentage of the portfolio on it.

Been having a look through their list of stocks and seems like they’ve got the right approach as they don’t go for anything over hyped and it’s got to be a long term watch before they’ll buy it. I’d say, it’s looking better than first impressions.

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Some surprisingly good companies on there actually…

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