Shares in over 50s-holiday specialist

I know this is primarily a place for younger people. But as I’ve found out recently you get old quickly. And I’ve also noticed that this company seem to deal with old people or people with an awareness that living involves getting older. I’m exhausted after typing this. Could Saga be considered as a new stock?

Had I read this in July I would have seen myself into the future as I am today, scared of this company situation:

Share price is still free-falling, and it will continue this way well into 2020 in my opinion.

I would say this is a No-No for long term investing.

Good article, and very accurate. Saga are not a company to invest in. I thought they could get over the cruising blip, but the insurance is a disaster. All the money came from, basically, overcharging customers. And now those customers have switched away (I helped one elderly family member save £600 and get a better policy than they had with Saga, which is ridiculous) or died, they haven’t been able to replace them.

I don’t think it helps that people turning 50 these days don’t necessarily feel that old any more, and so don’t identify with Saga. They’ve got a heck of a lot of work to do if they’re going to make themselves attractive to new customers.

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