Seriously, Read the Execution Policy and the T&Cs

So this might be a boring thread. But ive seen a common theme at another platform where people don’t seem to have much of any understanding of how their assets are held and how orders are executed, and ive seen it here on occasion as well.

If you’ve not, you really should read the terms and conditions as well as the execution policy. Might sounds boring, but this is your money, and it gives a decent layout of exactly what’s going on. And you might be surprised by some of the terms, or what might be missing.

I encourage you to read these for the platforms you use.


What are the common misconceptions that you’d like to point out?

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The big one seems to be mis understand of how orders are executed as people have a idea in their head of how they think it should work but simply haven’t read the execution policy so are just unaware of how their order will be executed.

Important imo as it means you know where you stand and know where to push back if there ever is an issue with an order.

Any other particular points that you found surprising or missing?

Personally I also find the list of FT’s execution venues interesting


There’s little information on what happens to idle accounts or what’s happens upon death of a person. And the terms around closing accounts are very broad. I assume they’ll be updated as as far as I’m aware Freetrade won’t be able to close and sell off assets in a SIPP and send them to a bank account? If they did they’d put us in hot water with HMRC I would imagine.