FAQ/Read me first banner on the main forum page

There seems to be a big influx of new members, which is great of course! :).
This obviously leads to many (often initially disgruntled) beginners asking the same questions.
A lot of these questions are re-explained in detail by community members as there is afaik no central forum FAQ to refer to.

It could save a lot of time if these questions are answered by simply referring someone to the FAQ.
There could be a high level summary in the post or questions answered via a link to a more detailed post.

Some examples:

  • “I didn’t get the correct price when buying selling” -> refer to best execution policy, the price you see in the app is a delayed price, big spreads on less liquid shares, FX fees, …
  • Availability ARK Funds (and any other US-based fund without a KIID) due to regulatory hurdles outside Freetrade’s control
  • Stamp duty on UK stocks (but not AIM)
  • “My shares are no longer available in the free account”
  • What happens with my shares if there is a corporate action (stock split, M&A, SPAC, bankruptcy,…)
  • Freetrade Plus interest payout details
  • How does an ISA work and is it useful for me

Hey @gmullebr, thanks for sharing — great idea.

We do have the Introductory Wiki (which needs a refresh) but this is more for an introduction to investing rather than a ‘Help’ style FAQ.

Though there are potentially a lot of topics to cover, we’ll definitely think about an evergreen FAQ as I agree it could help with beginner questions and keep the forum threads more around investing in general.

Thanks again!