Freetrade viability

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Absolutely not a sign of trouble, is it your first deposit as they may be verifying Identity ?

Just to add to this, it takes a couple hours for my transactions to appear. You’ll be fine !!

No put test through. All good so put through larger amount and it hung. Resubmitted. Again hung.
Went to bank, both removed but not put into my account.
No way of checking with Freetrade, so presumably they’ve put it somewhere

What hung? What type of transfer were you talking about?

Just did a transfer in-app about 15 minutes ago and it went through instantly.

Linked bank account transfer.
Pink wheel of death spinning only screen after approved bank transfer. Didn’t resolve after 10 minutes so resubmitted. Same spinning again.
Checked with bank on phone. Both amounts cleared to Freetrade but nothing registered

Suggesting that because you’ve had a transfer issue that the whole company is possibly going to go bust is unhelpful.

Reaching out and asking if anyone has had any problems would make more sense.

My delivery didn’t come from Amazon yesterday but I didn’t assume they were going bust.


You can reach out to Amazon. I tried Freetrade and got automated chat, no phone number and email that says they won’t get back to me for at least 2-3 days. Hence joining forum to see if this is part of a wider problem as I had heard that Freetrade was quick and efficient.

I guess my point was with your wording and not your legitimate issue.

You’re post is titled “Freetrade viability” not “Money transfer not cleared?” Or you could have searched the forum and found other threads - all of which are resolved either by FT or naturally within a few days.

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Deposit on a daily basis when markets are open. No problems at all.
Withdrawals all fine too.
Freetrade are trusted with my ISA and SIPP.
A very happy client here :+1:t3:


I messaged them on twitter, and the social media handler emailed me - certainly sped it up

Thanks that’s a good idea. I haven’t got Twitter but I might join over this.

At first they wouldn’t assist but once I got a response and nothing following that - they did step in for me

Not sure how this works but my post has had to be removed as I have been reported for Spam - so I apologise if that is what my questioning of the Freetrade operations appeared like.
A number of useful comments and suggestions so a genuine thank you for the only customer support I have received to date.

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Out of interest when you tap on top right of app

What is your user number?


Do you have a GIA and ISA? If so, check both.

The reality is most of the time when there are ‘issues’ it’s user error vs Freetrade running off into the sunset with your money. Not to say Freetrade are perfect 100% of the time, but more often than not it’s us the user at fault.

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Shouldn’t be as much room for error in the process of adding funds IMO

Out of interest when you tap on top right of app

What is your user number?


There is no number on my portfolio page or my home page. Is this because I have not yet been able to buy shares?

Apologies, there is a 6 digit number beginning 962,@@@ beneath the title but I’m not sure if I should be putting it out there?


You will get huge love if you post that in this topic - How many users now?, with an idea of when you signed up! People generally leave out the last two digits, which will give us a better idea of user count. Thanks for sharing.