Simec Atlantis Energy (SAE)

Would consider adding this!

Bump please!

Any news on this being added at all??

Deep stream tidal power, up 100% in the last week. Would be great to have this added to increase the renewable energy portfolio options

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If you put up some info you might get more votes

I’d definitely go for this


Freetrade should make it part of their own Corporate Social Responsibility policy to add as many renewable/future energy companies as possible - and then also tag them so we can find them easily.

I know Freetrade Plus/Alpha will have different shares available to paying subscribers but it would be great if all the green energy companies were available to paying and non paying members


Bump! Keen for this and the hydrogen company AFC Energy which is AIM listed to get added

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Good idea

This is a very good idea, @Viktor what do you think about that suggestion?

Some more good data coming out on test results and viability:

Would be very keen to add this to my green-themed portfolio.

Giving this a bump

We’re looking at it for next week.


“Our aim is to become the UK’s leading independent sustainable power generator. We are a global developer of sustainable development projects, with more than 1,000MW in various stages of development.

We are passionate about what we do at Atlantis. The ocean is the final frontier. Plastics threaten global ecosystems and the energy mix is changing faster than anyone could have previously anticipated in favour of renewable energy.

Our sustainable energy projects are not just good business, they are making a meaningful contribution towards tackling two of the biggest issues currently facing society – climate change and the war on plastic.”

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Duplicate stock request

There’s an earlier request is here:

@sampoullain can we get these votes combined? Looks like together it’s getting popular.

Would love to see this on Freetrade. Great company at the point of taking off big time. Trading volume has surged in the past month and it is set to be an AIM rising star if things go to plan this year.


I was so disappointed that it didn’t make this week’s cut. I can’t see it on any free share trading platforms :frowning:

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I have held it for a few years. Used x-o up to now at £5.95 per transaction.

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Sorry for nagging Mr Nebehaj but will this make the cut this week?

Actually on 2nd thoughts… I love nagging for more renewable energy and green stocks!

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In case anyone had not realised, it was added this week.