Slow Bank transfers?

Is anyone else finding bank transfer speeds have dropped off the Earth?

I know at the start of the year they were painfully slow. And then during the last few months. They were moving into my account with half an hour.

The last 3 deposits though, have been going across into the next day :man_shrugging::dizzy_face:

I couldn’t quite find the answer in the search section; Are transfers manually approved before moving over?

Getting pretty frustrated with it.

Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Which bank was the deposit made from? Other users transferring from the same bank might be able to comment.

I made a deposit from Barclays at 08.20 today and FT had it by 10.00.

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Same bank I’ve always had connected. Halifax on faster payments. As mentioned, transfers were under 30 minutes most recently. Now seems to have gone back to the “good ole days” :dizzy_face::rofl:

Mine have never been very fast (Santander), but that’s why it’s worth having some spare in FT ready to go (not like you’re getting any interest on it anyway!)

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Yea I really hope they can put instant deposits in soon the current process is pretty tedious and takes a long time to get your money


Transfers I make from my Co-Op current account don’t follow any pattern so I assume it’s making its way through in a queue. If I make a transfer during the night it’s in FT fairly soon after open but transfers during the day can take a couple of hours. I’ve never had to wait longer than (I think) 2.5 hours.

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