Stock you would invest in if they went 3% lower due to coronavirus

What stocks would you guys have invested in the Corona-Virus down and up and if it stays this way. Even then if you have stocks that are affected or are resistant to this corona virus news. You can contribute too if it persists along this way and you think it’s a good strategy…please share

For my down dips and opportunities to re-invest it would be Altria overall and Coca Cola today. I own ETF’s but I try to use down dips to buy dividend aristocrats so as you might have guessed only US companies

Edit: Bat in mind this might not be the only dip due to this

If there’s a correction of around 5% I’ll go to my own watchlist and priority just now for me where my current portfolio is at, would be Royal Dutch Shell, Disney, Nike, Nvidia, AMD, Microsoft and Uber

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If it goes 5% down…S&P I’d defo do that

I bought the S&P and EMIM yesterday after both fell, even if it was only 1.5% on the S&P…Apple earnings tonight is gonnae be a biggie for the market

I’m not sure a 5% correction is enough for me to resume buying at the moment, maybe except for VWRL…although I generally buy that at any price!

If I was actively buying I’d take 5% discount on Bristol Myers.

Fuckin love Bristol Myers so I absolutely agree! ALB is only my highest position out of gains I have more love for BMY and it was the first “stock” I purchased

Absolutely - 5% down and I’d be all over VUSA.

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I said 3 Jim but yes I would take 5 down!

Edit; also looking for longer term assets now. I’m about cash flow but if I can put some away in ETFs I know I will have a plan when I come to cash out. Exit is a big thing for us. We doesn’t have your ISA or CGT like we discussed @Jim_mcgrain


Just saw this.:joy::joy:


Check the stocks that only fell 10% when the market fell 20% Aug/Sep to Dec 24 2018. $KO is one.