Stuck on pending screen

I was topping up my account and it got stuck on the pending screen. It withdrew the money from my bank account but I haven’t received any confirmation from Freetrade that the transaction went through. Any help?

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Usually deposits take 2-4 hours but they’re taking a lot longer at the moment
The reason is because they received ~40,000 sign ups yesterday (up from the 4,000 a day).
When people first make deposits there are security checks that need to take place and so deposits are usually handled in batches by the Operations. This is why it’s taking a lot longer to see the money in your FT app.

You will get a notification once the money has been deposited

Yeah I’m aware of the time delay for it showing up in my account. It’s actually my second top up. My first went through no problem and I was just worried since it got stuck at the pending screen and didn’t text me the confirmation number to enter in the app from my bank like it did the first time.

If the money has left your account its likely your bank didn’t feel the extra security check was necessary on this occasion. They may only do it on the first transaction.

From what I’ve been reading there was also mention of a reference number, which it didn’t prompt me for. Should I be concern?

Nevermind it’s cleared! Thanks for your help!


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