Can anyone help

Can anyone help with this. After trying to top up, my screen has been locked up for the last 2 hours with the message (Processing top up this may take a minute).I am new here so any help would be very much appreciated.

Just force quit the app and restart and see whether the top up has arrived.

If not, check if the money has left your bank in which case the top up should arrive this evening by 20:30 or first thing in the morning.


Many thanks you are a life saver that worked.


I had the same problem this morning. turned the phone off and back on again and it was all sorted and money topped up

Many thanks for the reply

Hi all,

So sorry about this experience.

Our Open Banking partner provider had a brief technical issue which caused the Processing top up screen to take longer than it should have although deposits were processed as expected.

Their team were hot on the case and quickly resolved this and have confirmed everything is back to normal operation now.

Is your banking partner still having problems to day. I have been waiting for hours now looking at the usual message ( Processing top up this may take a minute) very frustrating and missing some good buys.