Swap cash between basic and ISA account

Can you add functionality to allow users to easily change funds from their basic account to their iSA account.

Or just have one cash account and allow users to select basic or ISA when purchasing stocks and shares.

I’ve had to withdraw funds in order to then deposit again which is incredibly slow.

I’ve also raised it in the app and that too is slow.

If you ask them in chat then FT will transfer between accounts for you - although it takes a couple of days.

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That’s my point. It shouldn’t be this slow. I’ve done it through the chat on FT before and it takes a few days… withdrawing my money and depositing alsontakes a few days.

Theres no quick solution :frowning:

Ok I get you now :+1:t2: Agree an option to do it yourself would be very useful, plus less labour intensive for the FT guys!