The Return of the Bears 🐻

(Tommy Lowe) #1

Morning everybody, hope you all had a great Christmas!

I’ve just finished my second annual market review infographic with some short summaries of each of topics referenced in the tiles :slight_smile:

These are just some of the things that I found interesting this year, but clearly there was a lot of other crazy stuff that went on, what are some of your highlights from 2018?

(Big Boss) #2

Great write up, sir! :clap:t3:

(Ben Fisher) #3

Great write up and summary. Thanks for sharing :smiley:

(Chris) #4

Fair play to @tommy here. Wrote something good enough to make someone sign up to a forum.


(Tommy Lowe) #5

:joy: thanks and welcome @Benji :wave:t3:


AUM increased over 126% to $540m Globally

Is this a typo? Nutmeg alone has more than this figure.


Also, great post… covered a lot of bases.

One of interest and that matches the :bear: sentiment was the flattening yield curve and maybe one to watch going into 2019:

(Tommy Lowe) #8

Clearly an error on my part there, cheers for spotting Theo, just flying out to :iceland: so will double check my source in a few days! Have a great weekend :+1:t3: