This weeks dividends wrapped up - The Cash Taco IV 🌮 💰

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Like Blackbeards doubloons rolled into a Mexican cowboys poncho its time for this weeks dividends, wrapped up! A weekly post where we take a look at all the companies who are feeling generous a doling out some of that sweet free cash flow. image

If you want to see the full list click on the taco and away you go, for those with short attention spans these are some of the highlights -

Bellway - BWY
3i Which coward stopped this being £iii?
National Grid - NG
Royal Mail - RMG
Big Yellow - BYG
Severn Trent - SVT
Dupont - DD
Estee Launder - EL
Ebay - EBAY
Kelloggs - K
Lockheed Martin - LMT
Manchester United - MANU
Goldman Sachs - GS
Nvidia - NVDA
Qualcomm - QCOM
Pepsi Co - PEP
Nike - NKE


Fun Facts

  • Man U have added $1.45 to their share price since listing in 2012. Add to this the whopping $1.10 in dividend payments and you get $0.02 monthly return.


  • Royal Mail used Postman pat for PR until 2000 when they fired the clumsy postie for longer fitted with their corporate image. Did anyone play the imaginatively named “Postman Pat” on the ZX Spectrum?

  • If laid end to end, the boxes of Kellogg’s cereal eaten since 1906 would reach to the moon and back over 160 times. Which is only useful when you realise that the Neil & Buzz took cornflakes to the moon for their breakfast. There was me thinking the only food you’d needed on the moon is crackers


  • The first ever item sold on eBay was a broken master pointer. While a copy of the 1996 single You & I from German rock band The Scorpions, sold for £2.89

Now if you’re new to investing or just want to brush up on all the jargon then the Freetrade team have you covered with some good jargon busting guides right here.

Don’t forget that Uncle Sam takes a 15% slice of all of your US dividends and if you want to protect your dividends and gains from No 11 Downing Street then an ISA might be worth a look. Click on the image below to access the promo where you’ll get a free share from £50 - £200 and if anyone asks say the cash taco sent you and watch them look confused!

Only one day left to open a new ISA and claim the free share

What are stocks are you waiting on this week? Hop into the comments below with your highlights of the week.

Last week I asked what your beverage of choice would be to accompany the crowdfunding pitch, now it should be because of the lack of unicorn or the fact it was 10am but the concencus pick was a tall glass of Umbong (the drink it in the jungle) and a wagon wheel. Can you still get the wagon wheels with jam in them?


This week to celebrate St Andrews day lets find out who your favourite Scot is -


  • @sampoulain
  • Judy Murray
  • Billy Connelly
  • Susan Boyle
  • Grounds Keeper Willie
  • All the above I’m to scared of the accent to pick!

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Hope you enjoyed reading, don’t forget to hit that :heart: and comment below with your thoughts - these post work best when everyone chips in. As always none of this should be considered as investment advise, obviously, because listen to a man who ate a whole packet of custard creams would be a terrible idea!

Happy investing, may the markets be green and dividends plentiful! :sauropod: :moneybag: :four_leaf_clover:


Very good :clap: :clap: :clap: I still can’t believe it is a free share to join, think I may be about the only person to join and not get a free share :rofl: How did I miss that offer?

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To celebrate St Andrew’s Day, how about a mention for a few top Scottish investments available on Freetrade? (note: not recommendations to buy!)

Scottish Mortgage IT (5-year return 152%, 10-year return 516%)
Macfarlane Group (5-year return 222%, 10-year return 746%)
STV Group (5-year return 39%, 10-year return 920%)
Alliance Trust (5-year return 99%, 10-year return 223%)

All growth stocks however, with low dividend yield.


So we’ve got no love for Susan Boyle and @sampoullain is holding bronze behind Billy Connelly and a cartoon character

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Maybe Susan calman or Ewan McGregor could be included in your next Scottish poll, how about a Welsh one on st David’s day next year?

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Was going to do Susan Calman but did know if she had the profile. I love her, she’s crackers.

Consider it done

That is, impressively, still less depressing than being a fan over the same time period.

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