Total Amount Invested

I am officially a Space Cadet I forgot I cashed in Birdstack for £1500 Sorry for wasting your time

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The average price per share you paid suggests you bought £8,384 worth of shares not £10k. Theres also stamp duty to account for

Your screen shot is of cineworld , not portfolio

See above :point_up:

Not according to your screenshot. Even accounting for your sale it’s only £9100

I don’t think your taking into consideration your buys, sales, and tax

And did you buy £10k shares in cine ? Or other tickers also?

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Sorry forgive me I forgot I sold £1500 Birdstack I’m a space cadet

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Glad you balanced the books. I’m thinking I need to keep a better spreadsheet of investments so I can keep a more detailed balance in money in / out etc. It’s not t always obvious

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I’m back again. Please see photo.
I have invested a total of £10,275.88 and made one withdrawal of £251.24 but yet my account is showing a balance of £ £8400. Should it not be showing £10,000

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Have you accounted for stamp duty? Both for buy and sells

Also Fx on foreign stock

Also i donk think freetrade calculate the average when doing loss gain I think it’s FIFO

You might try exporting your activity feed into a spreadsheet? Youll get better detail on all the transactions you made

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It’s a UK stock and stamp duty would only be about £50. It’s this first in first out that I am trying to get my head round.I sold 28550 shares to withdraw £251.24 but that does not explain a £1600 shortfall

Look at the screenshot,I have a total of £8400 when it should be £10,000 definitely something not right. I have contacted support but that will take a day or two

you have £8384 in cineworld including the potential loss, you sold £251, you paid roughly £548 in tax, you solidified roughly £419 in losses

thats around £9602. You need to look at your actual transactions that you can download from the activity feed. I expect you’re not accounting for the various costs at each buying point and losses from your sale.

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£548 in tax ?

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Theres stamp duty on £cine

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Thanks for your help. How do you know I paid £548 in tax

Yes that is only 0.05% like £10 per £1000 I feel that approximately £1600 has disappeared?? I HAD A TOTAL OF 22 buy transactions totalling £10,275.88 and just 1 withdrawl for £251.24 AS YOU CAN SEE BELOW THE STAMP DUTY IS £5 per £1000 so should be about £55 in total for my buys

230,000 shares at an average of £0.0252 per share 0.05 of that gives a rough estimate of stamp duty. but its only a rough number. youd need to look at the buys of every transaction

you’re best bet is to export the activity feed into a spreadsheet and get the calculations from that directly

You’re only showing us a screenshot of a single holding. As Eden says you really need to look through your activity or even better export your activity feed (top right corner icon on iOS on the activity page).

Stamp duty on £10k of purchases is £50 not £500.

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