Triggered order (fractional shares) vs Triggered stop loss

Can anyone explain to me the difference between these different options when selling shares:

  • Triggered order (fractional shares)
  • Triggered stop loss

I can’t see what the difference is between the two?

A stop loss is below market price and a triggered order is above. Neither are an absolute guarantee, they trigger a market order when hit. Limit order is safer for upward movement but it only allows whole shares.

Thanks Adam. Is it possible to have more than one sell order running at the same time? For example, a share is trading at $150. I want to have a Triggered Stop Loss at $100, and a Triggered order (Fractional Shares) OR Limit Order set at $200. Is this possible? It does not seem like it is from the app.

Not on the same shares, no. You could in theory have 2 limit sells, 2 triggered orders and 2 stop losses, each on 1/6 of your shares. Not sure why but you could…

Thanks Adam