Tritax Big Box 📦 REIT - BBOX

Provide warehousing solutions for Amazon, Tesco, Sainsburys, Royal Mail amongst many other big names.

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Haven’t heard of this before but I like the sound of it a lot. Is it solely for business, or do they invest in self storage companies for individuals too?

Distribution hubs certainly an interesting space, and self storage is a great recurring revenue model!

Solely for business only as far as I can see.

It looks like they have 39 tenants, of which Amazon is the single largest, accounting for 13.6% of total rental income.

More info here:


looking into diversify my portfolio by adding REITs and this one really stands out. wonder if anyone has any other good REITs they look at.



you read my mind! I’m looking at these 2 at the moment. I like the focus on warehouse/distribution center with Tritax but Regional has higher yield for a good diversified portfolio. I’m weary of the regional office focus for Regional though and i wonder how this market will go post-brexit.

Others i’m looking at is Warehouse REIT (like tritax but newer/less established). NRR is pure retail but it’s so cheap. THRL for care homes.

Why has the share price dropped significantly? They want to expand and attract more investment. Why has this been perceived as negative?

Recently had a raise on Primarybid at 204p per share. I don’t know when they announced it, but the discount on offer may have affected the share price.

Sorry if covered elsewhere but what’s the reason that this is not available within the ISA wrapper?

It’s a REIT and currently, these are not available in Freetrade ISAs.

Something to do with tax - REIT return tax compliance - #5 by AdetheShade, which may be resolved in the future.

Hi everyone
Does anyone know why there is a differens between Eps and dividend yield for Bbox on freetrade and T212?

No Idea! But I now always double check figures outside apps… Yahoo finance is not too bad, if Tritax BB has an investor page then that should (in theory) have upto date details.


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This one seems to have had a noticeable dip today.

Couldn’t see see why, when report from the other day seemed quite positive.

Negative sentiment towards warehouse REITs in general due to the relative fall of online retail sales vs. brick and mortar. PLD has also lost about 15% in the last few weeks.


This is spooking everything that has to do with ecommerce. Taken from last night’s SHOP 1Q2022 results conference call.


Oooo i might capitalise. Despite the short term negative sentiment. I have a bullish sentiment as warehouse REITs are what I’d consider a defensive stock if another lockdown were to be announced.

Yes you can close shops in the COVID era (s), but you can’t close the warehouses in 90+% of the time.

A buying opportunity at discount.

Segro & Warehouse also down… I moved my REITs to SIPP… Averaging down on Segro.

I’ve been waiting for sentiment to change and premiums to come in, so I can open a position in one of the warehouse Reits. Hopefully Freetrade will add Reits to Isas and Sipps soon!

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All I can say is at 2.04 a share my hand was getting twitchy for the buy button. I couldn’t manage to get any signal at work so missed the opportunity as the market had closed.

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