Unable to login to the Android Beta

Just installed the beta. Here is what I have to do EVERY time I open the app.

-Open app
-Click get started (if I have logged out previously)
-Enter my email (even though I have registered and set up passcode previously)
-Check email for log in link and verify email
-enter new passcode
-verify new passcode
…and actually after the Nth time of doing this and going through the steps again so I can summarise it here, it is now telling me I am enrolled in the IOS program and “Android is in the assembly line” and to check back soon. I guess this is the hazard of being number 0 in the queue for the beta.

Hope to be able to use soon.

Did you try and install it just because you are 0 or did you get the email saying you have access?

Because I got the email of course.

That doesn’t sound good! Probably best to share your exact device details (etc) with Freetrade. I know there were some small issues with the IOS beta, but they got fixed quickly, some even the next day…

Sorry you’re having this issue :disappointed_relieved:. Please buzz us on in-app chat so we can get this working correctly for you!