Unable to withdraw funds


I went to withdraw some funds from my account today, as it was in the section that’s saying I can,

When I went to complete the process, it asked which bank account I used to deposit the funds, I selected Lloyds, it then opened the Lloyds App and asked me to “Top up £1” with reference code, I proceeded to do this, I got sent back to Freetrade and it hung on a screen saying something about processing and topping up funds… I left it for 5 minutes then the app crashed… I did it again, same process they took £1 and the app crashed…

I logged into my Lloyds app and noticed ÂŁ2 has been taken, but not conformation from Freetrade that my withdrawal request has been submitted?

I am so confused what’s going one right now… Help?

The bank transfer is not instant so wait a while for it to go through as it is verifying you thats all.

I didn’t think it was instant, I just didn’t know If the app was meant to notify me? Instead of just crash.

Dont know about the crash but its impossible to tell. Maybe the phone or maybe the app. Either way it should go through soon for you.