Unable to withdraw money?

Hit the withdraw amount, it linked my bank account, and then took the same amount of money from my bank as I was trying to put in it, and the money that it took doesn’t even show in the application (it does in my banking app).

Whenever I hit the “Withdraw” button it brings up a page with “Verify your account” and after hitting Done, it just brings me back to screen before.

Transfers take 2-4 hours to clear, it could be that?

But why did it take money from my bank when I’m trying to do the reverse?

I deposited £100 in the beginning of the day. Couldn’t invest it because they locked buying in the US. So I’ve decided to put it back in my bank, but for some reason it’s now taken another £100.

I think patience is key in this situation. I know it’s a right pain when we are used to everything being instant but they are swamped atm. If it helps no one has lost money with ft by it just getting lost between transfers

I can understand that transfers take time, but it did the exact opposite of what I was trying to do. What if it were a much greater sum like 10k, and it withdrew instead of depositing. Seems like there’s a very serious bug with the app