Unique reference not copied

Greetings all,
I’m new to Freetrade and have not started investing yet.
When I tride to top up for the first time it says Unique reference not copied. Why does it say it all the time and what can I do to correct it and start investing.

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The error can be ignored. As long as you have the reference number in your transfer, it is fine. You do not have to use the in app copy button.

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So when I phone my bank to transfer money I should give them my unique reference number then everything is okay?

Having never phoned a bank to transfer money I’m guessing here, but they need to include that in the reference field or it can’t be properly allocated to your account


Send it to Freetrades sort code and account number putting the Unique Reference number into the transfer / faster payment reference field.

Edit: @Rat_au_van beat me :grinning: !

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Thank you all for coming back to me much appreciated.