No record of money transferring to Freetrade

Help, I opened a Freetrade account. I transferred an amount of money to it manually, but in error I didn’t enter my unique number. The money has transferred from my bank account to Freetrade, but obviously other than my bank account number I suppose they have no record of the share account it’s to go into. There’s no record of the money in my account, but Freetrade has it. What I can I do now.

Contact customer support.

Omitting the reference number happens sometimes and as Ethan suggested, contacting Freetrade via the app chat is the most effective solution. They will trace the money for you. They could not discuss your issue via the forum due to confidentiality.

Thanks. I’m new to this. How do I go on app chat? I can’s seem to find it

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Portfolio tab [bottom left] -> Profile [top right on that page] -> Live Chat -> New Conversation


Thanks for your help

The profile icon makes a lot more sense at the top of the Account Tab. I always search for profile in the Account Tab… Only to remember that it is not there!