Vela Technologies plc VELA

A UK investment company interested in Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) active in emergent technologies or engineering solutions.

Quite like the look of this one.

They have some nice investments that seem like they have a lot of growth ahead of them.

In particular WeShop -

WeShop has secured retail partnerships with major brands and retailers including ASOS, Harrods, Nike, Tesco and Boots.

And also St George Street Capital

SGS has acquired the right to develop and commercialise two assets from a major global pharmaceutical company … licence to a drug that could be beneficial to diabetic patients suffering with Covid-19… SGS is working to a compressed timescale given the urgency of the COVID-19 situation and anticipates reaching clinical stage in early May 2021.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the major pharmaceutical company is astrazeneca.

They also have a holding in Kanabo Group

Well I’ve just joined free-trade plus and this is my first toe dip.I know nothing about this but I’ve just bought a gazillion shares for 50 quid.Lets hope blind luck prevails :laughing:

Evaluation of AZD1656 as Add-on Treatment in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - Health Research Authority Found this an interesting read on what the treatment actually does.

Welcome to the lovely FT community.

I’m invested in Vela Technologies largely as it looks a very early incubator for technology, hi-tech engineering and scientific companies at the bleeding edge of innovation. A risky investment from my point of view, hence only investing a tiny % of my total portfolio value.

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Thank you for the warm welcome.
I’m a total novice,as in this will be my first investment.My interest in this particular company stems from the fact my wife is a nurse with diabetes.I am starting my investment life at 52 and just testing the waters.Oh my god it just went upto 0.0009 for a minute there!! :slight_smile:

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@PriceySnr I’m a novice too, starting out at 55. My reason for starting to invest was the zero income I was generating from my savings in my bank account and also to have some fun along the way learning about the stock market.

The community here is great, lots of people to chat shares with, have some banter etc.

Wish you all the best with your investment journey.

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I’m 14 pounds down.How do I dump the stock? :grinning:

Just press the Sell button if you want out… I’m staying in myself.

So the share price goes down to 0.078 lol via Google live shares.I purchase some more shares ,within the space of a few seconds jumps up again to 0.083 and I pay that.I can’t time this right at all lol.

RNS has just dropped on this guys.Might be worth a read.

@PriceySnr thanks for the heads up…

Further to the update on 8 April 2021, the Board of Vela notes the recent update published by St George Street Capital Limited (“SGS”) on the status of the ARCADIA clinical trial to test SGS002 (“the Asset”), a drug that could be beneficial to diabetic patients suffering from COVID-19.

The ARCADIA trial has completed its patient enrolment and dosing and has successfully completed the process of data collection and collation. The final formal report with the results of the trial is expected in late August 2021.


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Cheers for posting that here.New so not sure what I can and can’t post.Its looking very promising indeed.Favourable August report and this could well take off.

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Is it just me and thee interested in this?Anyway another RNS has dropped.750,000 invested in Northcoders Group Ltd.

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It looks like the two of us at the moment, so many shares on offer now on the app to spreadh around the folk who use the forum.

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I’ve got the bug though and hope this pays off so I can do some more investing.I put an initial amount in and then 100 pound a month.The second one I’ve invested in is Kodal mining and I shall be topping up there next payday.

RNS coming thick and fast now,another one today.I think these are pointing to positive results and Vela are slotting everything into place ready for commercialisation of AZD1656.
I may be looking on the optimistic side of life but things could get very interesting very fast.

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Obviously DYOR.I’m just a beginner.This is not investment advice lol.

1 Like £750k investment in Northcoders…

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I’ve purchased some more just now on the basis of this news…

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