Verifying account

Been over a week now and still stuck on have details verified!! All the time the stocks I wanted to invest in and rocketed! Any help please…

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Hi, @Christopher88 and welcome to Freetrade!
If you reach out to support via email they’ll look into it for you. It might say 3 to 5 days but they’ll be loads quicker. I had replies and solutions within 24 hours.


DO NOT respond to this person. this is staff impersonation! Their account joined minutes before their post. Contact freetrade directly through the app or message a verified staff member, such as @sampoullain.


Any Freetrade staff should look like this


Thank you for flagging this, community

I have banned the account and IP address accordingly


I’m just waiting on bank statement as only got savings account with my address on it at the moment. Recently moved so taking a bit long to catch up

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Since you have responded to the topic via email, there is a (small) chance that you may not have seen the topic since.

As the (now) deleted account was the one mentioning proof such as bank details here, ensure that you are doubly sure that all further contact is through official Freetrade channels and not from any contact from the banned account.


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