What are your 2021 investing goals?


Interesting :thinking: company SIPPs/pensions …

Would be very happy to beat inflation in 2021. Does that mean negative returns (harry dent), 2% (jay powell) or 20+% (clem chambers) to break even… who knows?

If i can avoid any exploding bubbles i will be delighted, so while they sound like they could possibly be on a rocket ship to the moon, i’m going nowhere near electric / self-driving cars or big tech in general, definitely no bitcoin or even consumer stocks (they are not cheap and i do not believe they are going to generate cash for years to come). No bonds as the fed have completely distorted that market and made it very risky for very low rewards. I also want nothing to do with real estate. It is a hard asset but it is also tied to collapsing incomes, it has had such a big run up and i believe there is a mortgage-backed security crisis being covered up again by central banks.

So how can i hope to match inflation with all these booming assets blacklisted? I’m heavy into mining stocks, commodities, bullion and collectibles. I do have some cash equivalents and general stocks but they are minimal.

I understand that all of these things will go down too if everything pops, but apart from an inflation tracking bond (which is too boring and has no upside) there is nowhere safe to maintain value in an everything crash so these are the safest places imho.


200 a month is 2400 a year which is roughly 2400 * 25 * 1.15 = 70k invested


Yes, it does, as dividends will be reinvested.

It wasn’t always like that, started off a couple of quid a month! :slight_smile:

I’ve been investing since 2014 so my portfolio is of a size where it should be able to generate that amount if I continue to invest. If only talking about my Freetrade portfolio, perhaps more like £10 a month in income!


10% works for me too.

Less volatility than 2020 would be nice.

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What do these numbers represent? I can’t figure it out :smiley: (25 and 1.15)

2400 is a desired income per year
Then we assume a dividend of 4% and multiply yearly income by 25
Then we assume a tax of 15% (that’s for dividends in ISA if i recall correctly)

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Just a minor point but if you’re assuming 15% tax then you should divide by 0.85 to get the pre-tax figure.

Ah cool! @rivorson is right. It would be 2400/0.85/0.04. But almost the same :ok_hand:

2021 Goals.

E.G - Mondelez

Long Term Goals:


Saving to indulge myself one of these


Why is it delusional to aim high? In particular when many people made life changing returns in 2020.

No-one knows what 2021 will bring. Global QE, continued low interest rates, vaccination programs, brexit affect, $2000 stimulus cheques, market recoveries etc etc. It’s not going to be a normal year.

If investors accept the risk that comes with trying to hit high returns, then I say good luck to them rather than patronising them. Each to their own though :sweat_smile:.


These opportunities come about often, right? Or once every 300 years.

This situation has never happened before. Ever. Not this fast.

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Of course not, but you don’t know what 2021 will bring. Things haven’t exactly returned to normal have they!?

Regardless, investors who accept a high level of risk make (or lose) high returns every year, it’s not unique to 2020.


Tbf everyone is a genius when markets go up… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy::sunglasses:


Be smart.

Otherwise I’m aiming to turn £10 into £1million within the next month.


I’m happy to pay you 2 + 20 in fees

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I did 112% last year on a portfolio of 25 stocks. Can be done.

Sure, but it bloody feels good.

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You should aim at around 3% per stock. With no more than 10% for your top performers you really believe in. For example, I allowed Amazon to become one of those in my portfolio after holding it for 7 years. In this way, even if you suffer any unexpected total loss, it’s just a 3% hit on your portfolio.

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