What is going on today? - Megathread

In terms of value increasing or interest rates?

On the former I tend to steer clear of the idea that my home is an assets to sell, I see it as a home. But for any other property yeah I can see that.

Interest rates aren’t great but honestly it’s often still better than renting, and those rental fees are probably going to go up to match those interest rates.

I swear most Americans are secretly loaded :sweat_smile: I keep seeing these posts online about investing $2k a month and they ‘think they’re doing ok’


My American friend left the US in 2008 and never really returned. Discovered the travel lifestyle & realised living cheap outside the US whilst earning US dollars had a hack to it.

After a couple years he took a course with the main dropping shipping guru at the time in the early days and went all in. They became friends.

He flipped his first online store for $60,000 and thought he was rich whilst living in Thailand, yet his wealthy buddies told him to stick it in the S&P 500 and get back to work. So he did…

Managed to travel all over the world living cheap whilst investing every month $2000 - $3000 building up four etf’s.

Diversified $50k into a reits portfolio.

$10K into managed forex (which has been doing 16% returns for 8 years by two random guys in Asia haha).

$20k into a robo advisor.

After covid his portfolio grew to $1,000,000 aged 40.

So it can be done even by taking a different route to most. The two golden points from this story is that:
(1) He went to a guru in a growing space of online selling and went all in with effort and made that guru aware that he was the guy to mentor.
(2) He had somebody around him smart enough to tell him to stick his initial $60k into an index fund and get back to work.

The hardest part for most is knowing how to go all in at the beginning and to continue doing it.

Individual stock investing is much more tougher as you can not relax during the initial growing years if you do not have a mentor and a strategy.

(On the Americans being wealthy thing I think it just appears they have more money when in reality their economy is just larger and they have to pay large amounts for healthcare so to us $2000 / $3000 a month invested looks a lot but it’s the same as us investing £750/£1000)

Currently most of the UK people are not directly paying outlandish amounts for healthcare but being the pessimist I can be I’d say if you want proper healthcare where the words ‘CARE’ and ‘PREVENTATIVE’ come into play, then that’s absolutely thousands of pounds.

I paid £1,675 in total to privately have a single wisdom tooth removed after waiting 2 years on nhs then told somethings got mixed up and it’ll be another 2 years… so I’ll leave it to the crowd to decide if healthcare in the UK is ‘free’.

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Pretty eye opening words.

“buy my bags”

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Haha, that might have saved you a few quid though. There is often lots of volatility in the opening and closing hours of the market.


And now here comes the biggest rally for 2023.

You miss the top days in the market your returns can be cut in half.

This weeks changed the trajectory of the next 5-10 years dramatically.

There is a floor and that floor is here give or take 400 points, according to the central banks.

healthcare in UK is broken, NHS is a white elephant, billion$ spent without any accountability, must be privatised and let people chose what they wanted.

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Disagree completely.


If the NHS gets privatised, I will move out of the country. I don’t want to live in a new version of the US.


Lets not go down the NHS discussion route :shushing_face: it aint worth it


While I get your issue with the US system (im not a huge fan of it as well), people need to stop going to the US as the example of the pinnacle of health systems. There are plenty of privatised or mixed healthcare systems out in the world that work well.

I don’t think going to a purely monopoly insurance based system like the US has is workable, or a privatised NHS. But we do need to reform the NHS, we probably do need to restructure how things are charged.

right now you have people who pay very little and get a really bad service, and you have people who pay more for the NHS than private health care… and get a really bad service.

A broken NHS puts people out of work short and long term, which affects productivity, which affects business profits, which affects my dividends :moneybag:


Agreed, the NHS needs restructuring. But it becoming private (or at least fully private) is a huge mistake long term.


Will the NHS going private make my portfolio go green if so I’m in, else it’s a nae from me.

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Janet Yellen called John Thomas and asked him what needs to be done to calm the markets regarding the financial aspect of the banking sector and he told her and they done it.

This move shows the bottom is in. The US will do anything needed to save the banks and has just proved what the limit is they are going to accept and act before the disaster.

Huge turn around of events.

Everything’s changed now. The market is comfortably investable as if this is 2009.

Inflation is the threat which means get buying, equity, property, gold, silver. Any or all.

What’s just happened is large. The west is moving on from this bottom, the central banks will print through all crisis’.

This is now a risk on environment. Huge trajectory change from what was about to happen.

We all saw the fed and BoE about to raise until carnage but we just teetered on the edge of carnage and that’s as far as they can push, inflation is here to stay now which makes cash the only real clear definite risk. The devaluation of cash is not stoppable for the foreseeable and wage increases are going to be demanded hand over foot multiple times and prices will continue to rise until we form the next bubble of farrr too high prices in relation to asset & equity growth.

I actually thought his time they’d let things fail but they are not going to let even 50% of a 2008 event happen. They’ve just proven this.

Fed 10% minimum.

Shadow banking is the target.

Tectonic plates are shifting. Money printer not coming back in any massive way for a long time.

Maybe a few bail ins for depositers (obviously), but unsecured bond holders and shareholders gonna get burned.

You can’t build infrastructure with an inflating/volatile reserve currency. You can’t even price it.

If you don’t regain control over inflation, you’ll slowly lose reserve currency status. Deflation, as far as I know, has never lost the reserve, only inflation because the incentives are too lucrative for humans to abuse.

Once inflation goes away, then liquidity comes in and responsibly.

Who thought legard was gonna bend today?

Also, it’s yellen vrs jpow

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The fed haven’t got the balls to continue with attacking inflation. Believe me that would take some expert level balls to raise from here and this is not the movies.

We all know interest rates in the UK should be at 7% to fight the inflation we’ve been having and that’s guaranteed not to happen now it’s absolutely guaranteed. The bottom is in for the west.

UK’s inflation is horrific imo (I’m priced out on peanut butter, alternative milks and salmon). US inflation is not nearly as bad probably due to such a wide landscape of different economic factors.

This is about as good a opportunity to get invested into that wish list. Inflation is not going to disappear and even if it comes down next year it will show it’s face more than once.

I wonder if Buffet swooped on an investment this week?

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Buffet bought more oxi for supply chain reasons but it’s still pocket change for him right now.

I’m still on GME of course.

But jpow is gonna drag everyone there. Wait and seeeeeeee

50bps call

Btw anyone down on the energy plays? Oil to ten. Goldman Sachs have bags to unload.

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25bps is my guess or even a temporary pause. Hard to believe JPow would take the risk by adding more pressure in the financial system.

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I feel you. -7.5k in the last week, -10k in the last month. This week has been brutal. :upside_down_face: Oh well, at least it’s the weekend.


Good compilation of important topics from past week: