What is going on today? - Megathread

I think you guys need stop looking at your Shares lol


Possible changes on ISA ahead.


Be a good time to clarify the fractional share issue.


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As usual we selected for you the best articles published in the past few days 10 :point_down::

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Hey everyone you know usa stocks since I’m now starting to buy them from here on out.

The 15% tax is this the tax on profits? Or is this just 15% on the full sale even if it’s a loss etc? Do I need to calculate this before I press sell or is my profit showing the profits with the 15% tax taken off?

I’m guessing FX fees are hidden as well and that’s a manual calculation I need to do to make sure I’ll be in profit before a sale? Or is this also deducted.

“You will be charged withholding tax (WHT) of 15% on dividends or income earned through the US shares.”

Found this but if anyone wants to add some more information that would be good, thanks

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The tax is on dividend income (on dividend stocks)…not buying or selling stocks in general.

The extra variables from UK stock are the currency exchange rate at the time of buying and selling (which updates almost live while holding) and forex fee which I believe is 0.45% (EDIT: 0.59%) on all trades (buy and sell).

The price you see ‘live’ and the profit/loss indication does not reflect the cost of selling, like the forex charge.

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Thanks for the information, I know different schemes have diff costs aka general vs standard vs plus, I’m on standard currently, will see how it goes if I see myself buying lots of usa etc I might considering upping to plus, but for now I have made a lot of changes in a short amount of time so I will let this oannout first :slight_smile:

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Interesting read people of the freetrade world.

So princess dianna isin Argentina!! Didn’t know that!
Well what surprise lse have their heads in the sand… theres been no real growth in lse for years and years as there isnt any growth in the uk! add lots of companies have been bought out by foreign companies and de listed makes you wonder why we do invest in the uk

I think when companies are bought out… i think they should still be listed for people to trade… especially uk utilities

@acamp Hi just to let you know that new survay has a section that’s bugged I couldn’t pick none of these so I had to just say I had a crypto account else where which I don’t because I had to pick something. Tha ks

Are we all excited that we may get an extra £10k isa allowance to invest.
I just don’t understand this govt. they lower the capital gains allowance then increase the isa


I can’t even reach the 20k Allowence so the extra 10k doesn’t effect me but least others get some use :slight_smile:


Same…maybe some day

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Wouldn’t this extra allowance be based on holding UK shares?

Companies in the FTSE care more about paying Dividends than actually growing and successive UK Governments don’t foster an environment for inovation and growth. Any UK company that has any ambition will float on the NYSE, ARM being the most recent example.

Hey everyone,

Are any of you into moon mining stocks? If so which ones do you like?

All I can say is:


Nope - I have mainly US shares in my ISA

Struggle to get anywhere in any sector just now.

Patience required. Santa rally might be next bit of good news at this rate.

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I see great opportunities in the US. I get that most people in here are FTSE/Dividend obsessed buyers but if you want to make decent money in growth companies than the US is were its at.

As an example Tech is on a pullback and some of the big ones hit support zones yesterday, i see more downside but i have been buying in small amounts. Try not to get too suckered into PE ratios especially for growth companies, look at PEG ratios.

People bang on about the FTSE being undervalued, id question when has it not been undervalued. Its full of dinosaur value plays.


I found this an interesting article.