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Does anyone know if the gain and loss for US stock takes into account the fx fee?

I believe so. my gain/loss on US stocks moves with the exchange rate.

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Bloomberg reporting that Europe paying premium taking oil $100+ for Suadis

People, rates are going to the sun goodbye prices hello cash

It takes into account the FX change…there is a tab and you can see profit or loss in GBP or USD, which will vary depending on if GBPUSD has went up or down since the buy.

The fee…well that is deducted when you buy and if you sell again …its not part of the profit / loss calculation on the app…as i understand it…certainly not what it would cost to sell. Possibly the buy fx charge is built in.

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So say if the profit is £100 and I sell I’d get a £100 when hitting confirm selling? No extra will be taken off in terms of fx?

i believe there is an fx fee on the sale also

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First the price you see isnt the sell price. Its the mid price…which is higher.

So youll lose something to the sell price… maybe 0.2-0.5%…more if its a low volume stock.

Then youll lose a small amount for FOREX charge…maybe 45p per £100.

Plus the price isn’t live…so will depend on price movements…may be beneficial, may not be.

All profit and holdings are a rough guide only.

There definitely is

I see so there no way of knowing the actually price until it’s actually sold…

No really. it does say ‘est’ next to the sale order.

Just had a look at some sales from a while back. FX of 0.45%. Small amount so didnt notice but suppose if you’re trading regularly it ads up.

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Not to the penny, no.

Don’t let any of that put you off…its just the intricacies of any market place.

Just remember, profit / loss percentage and sales are all estimates until settled.

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Where will oil go today?

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