What is going on today?

Down 2% today!

I have a diverse portfolio and everything is down by at least 1%!

Still Trump/China issues?

Benchmark your portfolio with the S&P 500 or FTSE 100 that might help to see things from a numbers perspective.


When you say benchmark, do you mean just check them. FTSE100 is down 0.12%…

I know it’s not easy but it’s healthier not to fret the day to day fluctuations.


@oxfordmark Are you over exposed to Utilities in the UK by any chance?

Brexit stocks & supermarkets appear to be getting battered today but overall its just a normal day at the office - I wouldn’t give it a second thought so long as you’re confident in the companies you are invested in


Yes exactly and look into the overall shares within each index and see if you can identify what companies do OK/GOOD/BAD and see if you can put them into a sector or if the entire index is just down. I will usually see some that are up and others that are down and you can identify why things might be the way they are. I hope this is not too confusing :slight_smile:

What’s have you invested in so far? I’m about 0.2% down today

@ytsruh I was just suggesting that – haha you were a bit faster with a nice graph !

Imagine you bought some S&P500 30 years ago and wake up from a coma


My portfolio:

Persimmon - 6.11% Biggest loser today
Acacia Mining - 1.76%
Siruis Minerals - <1%
Taylor Wimpey - 10.29%
Centrica - <1%
Legal and General - 24.27%
F&C Commercial Property
Lloyds - 3.65%
G4S - 12.56
Aviva - 33.64%
BT - 2.83%

ishares S&P 500 - 2.60%
iShares Core MSCI - <1%
PIMCP short-term High Yield Bond - <1%

So all U.K. stocks? Perhaps diversify a lot more


Added the diversification by company…

This is a good chance to share our blog post on diversification :grin:


Well be glad you don’t own M&S today :slight_smile: -8% today.

As @saf & @CEY I wouldn’t worry about the day to day movements. Here are a few comments on your portfolio that might help you:

  • Housing is going to be volatile until Brexit is resolved one way or the other. Most believe the sector to be very undervalued though.
  • Acacia & Sirius are very volatile and largely speculative. You’ll have high highs and low lows with these types of stocks. Un-diversified miners will not really follow the overall market
  • Centrica has debt, Brexit and Corbyn related concerns. Short term it will be a problem, long term its a legal oligopoly.
  • Property, Aviva and Legal & General are slow and steady stocks. Unlikely to ever move much on a day to day basis save for really bad or good news which isnt very often
  • Lloyds has Brexit concerns and definitely has some profit taking happening at the moment.
  • BT is in the middle of a restructure I believe? So likely to be volatile.

Havent got a clue about G4S. UK stocks are really suffering at the moment & a few star performers are keeping the overall market above the water line. Until Brexit is resolved you are going to have a lot of volatility, the UK is not used to this level of uncertainty and markets dont know how to react.

Overall I would say, you have your reasons for choosing those companies. If you’re underlying reasons have not changed then I would just ignore that. Assuming your underlying reason is correct then the market will play out as you expect it to over the long term. If you can’t handle the day to day changes then I’d just sell up and re-invest into the ETF’s and buy the whole market - that way you are guaranteed to get the ‘average’ performance.


I have Eikon open all day long :slight_smile: easy when you work in the industry

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I thought a little bit of a wider perspective might help here too - I must stress that the below is very much my opinion and is qualitative in nature.

Looking at todays top movers (risers and fallers) you can see that the fallers tend to be larger companies that are more representative of the overall economy than the risers. The fallers are also more ‘cyclical’ meaning their performance is more closely tied to the wider economy.

You can take from this that the market is, today, concerned about Brexit and the impact on the overall economy - represented by those stocks. Sometimes I think its important to take a step back and realize what the macro (big picture) really is. Also to remember that today is not going to matter in the grand scheme of the economy nor the stock market in 10 years time.


Do you have the site up used for this stats. Looks nice

Also the falling value of the pound (down about 0.5% against the dollar) will favour those international companies as the value of their overseas earnings will be worth a bit more if paying dividend in pounds.

There are some decent dividend payers in there. I hold Aviva, L&G, LLoyds and Persimmon out of that lot, just for dividends really. Not too bothered about the day to day ups and downs

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My two screenshots? They’re from Eikon.

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