What is your largest value holding

The biggest holdings in my ISA (recently transferred):
VWRL - 1300 shares
AAPL - 350 shares
TSLA - 56 shares


I went a little strong with dividend stocks when I started investing about three months ago so am currently rebalancing with ETFs. However, I’m still concentrating a lot on dividend stocks and my current top four holdings are:

  • Persimmon (dividend yield over 11%)
  • British American Tobacco (about 7%)
  • GlaxoSmithKline (about 4.5%)
  • Admiral (special dividend coming up as well as final).

ARVL, and will be adding more shortly. After that Twitter, Rolls Royce and Amazon.

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Decent amount well over 200k there.


Probably £VFEM

As an update my single biggest holding is US Equity fund via VG. My biggest single stock is Arrival, 2nd is now Alphabet.

My portfolio has really changed somewhat since I started. Still some work to do, but 90% happy with my investments.


That’s part of my 80:20 passive portfolio.
I am holding Apple and Tesla for the long term.
I also hold some of the same and some other stocks in my GIA and SIPP.

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I bought some Rivian a few months ago in my SIPP and it’s slide looks similar to Arrival!
I guess they are a long-term hold then…

I have 1 share of BRKB in my GIA which I am very happy with. I will look at getting some in my ISA some time soon.

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  1. Apple
  2. Gores Guggenheim (soon to be Polestar)
  3. Trimble Navigation

Like @Optimisery I’ve been modifying my portfolio since I started. I intend to keep apple in the #1 slot but I’ve got a few ETFs that I’m putting money into each month that will likely overtake and end up as my number 2 and 3 slots. They are the BG US Growth Fund and the ishares Euro Ex-UK.


I happen to like Berkshire Hathaway but it doesn’t fit nicely into one ‘bucket’ given they own such a wide range of companies. I see it as a free thematic ETF, the theme being stuff Warren Buffet & Charlie Monger like.

The annual investor letter is good reading for holder but I think also for investors generally, can be found here. There was the ‘Woodstock for value investors’ yesterday which is their annual meeting.


Followed a polestar to work yesterday. It’s a nice looking car.

The get why the Volvo EV sports range is branded polestar when they’re owned by the same company but it theory should compete a bit in the future. That and the small % being floated. Otherwise really like polestar.

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That’s a new one on FT :clap:

Supermarket Income REIT now at 20.02% of my entire portfolio
talking FT portfolio only, then its Bens Creek at 17.2% which makes up 3.73% of all my holdings


Yuno in really surprise that quite few people don’t follow the Core & Satellite approach - Mine largest is VWRL BTW

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Xtrackers S&P 500 Inverse Daily Swap UCITS ETF $XSPS :bear::bear:

Glaxo has significantly reduced its dividend.

Currently bulking defence as I can, Europe is about to go on a spending spree in this area. Possibly a 60% increase in national defence spending.

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Yes, I noticed that too. I’m holding onto GSK shares until their demerger takes place and it is clear whether or how many free shares of the new company will be distributed to GSK shareholders. After that, I will keep a holding but will offload at least some of my GSK shares when prices are favourable.


$GME, of course.