Where to find Profit or Loss value from executed orders


Can someone please help where I can find materialised profit or loss from executed sell orders . I understand portfolio value shows but that would include materialised profit/loss + current positions .

I would like to know how much profit/loss made on each sell orders and total so far on all executed orders for given period .

This isn’t as simpler calculation as it might seem.

If you brought 10 shares of Global Mega Corp for $100.66 then sold the same 10 shares for $150.66 then it’s a simple calculation.

($150.66 x 10) - ($100.66 x 10) - FX fee / Stamp Duty = Profit

But … if you buy shares every months for 6 months at different prices but then only some you’d have to account for FIFO (first in first out) selling the first brought shares first.

It would look more like this

($117.55 x 30) - (($100.66 x 10), ($101.55 x 5), ($113.13 x 11), ($104.69 x 4)) - FX fee / stamp duty = profit + your remaining shares.

In short you need to build a spread sheet or use one of the many portfolio trackers as currently this feature wouldn’t fit tidily into the app.


@NeilB - Thank you for response . Much appreciated .

Don’t take me wrong , nothing against you or anyone but here is my thoughts .

Many a times things are not simple and that’s where computerised system comes to rescue . That is exact job of system not human to manually calculate.

FT responses :
$ average price - do manual calculation
partial share selling ( FIFO) - do manual calculation
profit / loss - do manual calculation

and possibly many more

Does £17 SIPP + Plus really worth , if customer needs to get expertise in excel besides investing ? I don’t think so .

Unfortunately, the calc is not simple (don’t forgot about mergers, bonus issues, splits, etc.) and has variables based on how you decide to calculate. It can also get into tax advice territory + every country has different rules on how to calculate. Whilst something that could technically be built, I can’t see it being a priority.

Do you want this for tax purposes or just general interest?