Profit and loss - figures not tallying

Is it possible to share the formula which is used to show the profit/loss on an individual holding? I have several which don’t seem to tally with my calculations. I’ve allowed for currency/fx fees, but I have a couple of stocks which just don’t add up. As an example, I have shares in Zyne which have a cost to me of £65.19. Freetrade shows a current value of £49.92 which it tells me is a loss of just 7. 29% or £3.93.

You sure it’s not $65.19 and £49.92?

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Positive. I’ve manually extracted my transactions to a spreadsheet as I could see an error somewhere - my average price looked too low.

That’s the one. Point as above though - purchase price £65.19 gbp, current value £49.92 gbp. Freetrade loss calculation £3.93. Actual loss £15.27, less a couple of 5p fx fees.

Go on history open each trade.
If comfortable post them here.
If not do the calculus again.

And what was gbp/usd on the date when u purchased as well

Firstly the price in app might not be 100% up to date, sometimes the closing price doesn’t update although its often the last point on the graph. Also FX is included in the total price on the contract note but FT don’t include in their % calculations. Shouldn’t be out as much as you’ve said though.