Which stock are you going to buy during the dip due to coronavirus?

This post is amazing!!!


You ain’t wrong there!

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This is an awesome post!

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2020 is going to be a big one for IMB, I can feel it.
I’ve been buying IMB shares when they dip for the last 7ish months, it’s worth holding for the dividends alone IMO.


Because smoking cigarettes is such a growth market?


What happens when you can’t do anything #toosoon?

Found their press release :neutral_face: https://investors.sci-corp.com/2020-02-17-Service-Corporation-International-Announces-Fourth-Quarter-2019-Financial-Results-And-Outlook-For-2020

“We ended the year with a strong operating performance … for the fourth quarter, which contributed to an impressive 11% growth in adjusted earnings per share…”

[Update 2]

What happens when you might be able to do something:

Full list of listed companies working on developing vaccines: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/18-medical-stocks-watch-amid-202500253.html

Worth adding that the % increases in my post above are month-on-month, rather than this week alone, but still.

Stuck a decent chunk of change in, adding Nvidia and JP Morgan to the portfolio. My Apple purchase got rejected again so I think Freetrade is trying to tell me something :smile:

Averaged down on a number of my other shares aswell namely Disney, Activision and Caterpillar. Aswell as the S&P, FTSE 100 & 250 and EMIM.


I am always finding that my Apple topups get rejected for when it’s for a decent amount of money, but go through with small fry like below £100. Perhaps fraud detection rules on the side of my bank.

Disney for me. I was already bullish on them (think Disney+ will basically be mandatory for all parents soon), and now its 10%+ cheaper than it was before


Can you DM us in-app and we’ll check this one out?

Apple Pay deposits are now real-time, and I’m not aware of any issues right now.

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The UK gov are trying their hardest to stop people smoking. First they made retailers hide them out of sight and then banned packs of 10 and now the prices are going up all the time, and yet people still buy them. They aren’t going to stop any time soon.
Plus a lot of the market is e-cigs and the like now. IMB own a few e-cig/vape brands and are always bringing out new products like tobacco free nicotine pouches you put under your tongue to satisfy smokers and move away from traditional tobacco products.

They also own a few tobacco accessory brands like Clipper lighters and (i think) Zig Zag papers.

There’s a strong indication that they will be big players in the UK cannabis business when/if it gets legalised. That’s the long term play for me with IMB anyway. It’s anyone’s guess though.

The ever increasing dividend yield of 11% is the icing on the cake for me.

edit: they also operate in the US, Mexico, Spain and France which have much more relaxed gov regs about tobacco products.

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From Barron’s:

“ We might be close to that point now, according to Ironsides Macroeconomics’ Barry Knapp. “We used the impact of the 2019 tariff tweet business confidence shocks and related stock market declines, to ‘model’ downside risk as 6-7%,” he wrote before the market opened. “We are now down 8% from the peak, given that the relationship between business confidence and the equity market, we should be close to a low.

Maybe so. But that low might also be retested before all is said and done. Remember, the virus has yet to hit the U.S. the way it has South Korea or Europe. That could make today’s rally short-lived, according to Canaccord Genuity’s Tony Dwyer.“

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I’m going to continue putting money into ftse100 and s&p500 every month, but also putting some play money into greatland gold GGP every month, might be a winner.

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Great reading, I topped up some of my holdings today as follows.

National Grid
Coca Cola

It is an early stage portfolio of 11 stocks so far and topped these up, added a bit Monday and will add some tomorrow. Will be dripping in whatever happens.


Have been looking at getting into GSK :+1:t2:


Consider Bristol-Myers Squibb, they really looks like a bargain. Its shares trade at less than 9.5 times expected earnings. The company’s growth prospects, even with the potential for declining sales of Revlimid in a few years, make BMS’s valuation even more appealing.

Before the acquisition of Celgene, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s pipeline focused primarily on studies targeting additional indications for Opdivo. Now, though, the company has over 50 compounds in development.

The most promising candidates for BMS include ozanimod, which currently awaits FDA approval for treating multiple sclerosis. BMS also has high expectations for two other pipeline drugs obtained from Celgene – cancer cell therapies ide-cel and liso-cel.


Thanks @Marsares They are in my watch list to but a pretty mixed picture on Simply Wall Street.

Undervalued and forecast to grow 82% per year, but large insider selling of shares, low ROE, high level of debt. Over valued based on PE.

@shane-aurora and I are huge fans of BMS we’ve had a couple of discussions about them!


I don’t trust Simply Wall Street anyways, but looking at them BMS is more undervalued and has better growth prospects than GSK. Insider selling is largely driven by tumult from acquisitions, and unlike GSK they now have a promising pipeline of drugs.

Not a big pharma expert, but BMS have my money and I’ll keep buying more of them over the coming weeks and months.